The following information is provided to assist you in staffing the Master Gardener Office. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call on Tom Woods, Mark Blevins or other staff. You are a valuable asset to the Cooperative Extension Service and we appreciate you !

Please make sure you record your hours either by logging onto NCSUGARDEN.COM or by writing them in the Hours Logbook.

When answering the telephone or dealing with a walk in client, identify yourself as:

Master Gardener Your Name.

Request name, address, telephone number and email address of the client. Gather as much information as you can concerning the question or problem. In general do not give any solution information over the phone on the initial call; state that you will look up the information and call back or email the caller. If dealing with a walk in client you may be able to supply the needed information by finding an appropriate publication during the visit. If you are too busy or unsure of an answer please explain to the client that you will research the question or problem and you will call or email as soon as an answer is found.

Call back or email after obtaining the needed information and provide the client with the appropriate material. This may be done using one or more of the following methods:

  1. Giving a verbal answer with references to useful extension materials and their websites.
  2. Emailing the web address of NCSU (or other extension approved source) information. Most of the documents in our files are available online -- this saves time and mailing costs.
  3. Mailing written material following instructions posted in desk area or in notebook labeled Brunswick County Extension Master Gardener Office Manual.

    To look up information:

  • Use Publication Index Directory to point you to numbered information sheets in the file cabinets. The Publication Index Directory is organized in three sections:
    • alphabetical order by subject
    • specific topic
    • publication number.
  • Use AD drawers in file cabinets where materials are alphabetically filed by publication title and are not numbered.
  • Search using Google or other search engines with NCSU as one of the search terms. This is more likely to get you extension approved material. If NCSU fails try using .edu as a term. Use web material that is extension related -- NC or other states if appropriate.
  • Use Ortho Problem Solver or other books in our library.
  • Before making any chemical recommendations, check the NC Agricultural Chemical Manual .

Please fill out hotline request forms completely -- additional hotline forms are located in the back of Hot Line book.

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